Saturday, September 25, 2021
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President of Sri Lanka

Prime Minister of Sri Lanka

Parliament of Sri Lanka

Government web portal

Ministry of Defence

Ministry of External Affairs

Ministry of Economic Development

Ministry of Industry & Commerce

Department of Immigration and Emigration

Online Visa Applications

Department of Registrar General’s

Department of Commerce

Department of Export-Import Control

Department of the Registrar of Companies

Department of Inland Revenue

Department of Census & Statistics

Sri Lanka Police

Sri Lanka Customs

Sri Lanka Export Development Board

Sri Lanka Tea Board

Sri Lanka Tourist Board

Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority

Sri Lanka Ports Authority

Sri Lankan Airlines

Sri Lanka Apparel Exporters Assn

Sri Lanka Institute of IT

Sri Lanka IT and Electronic Export Services

Sri Lanka Telecom Ltd

Sri Lanka National Gem & Jewellery Authority

Securities and Exchange Board of Sri Lanka

Board of Investment of Sri Lanka ;

Central Bank of Sri Lanka

Ceylon Chamber of Commerce

Ceylon Hotels Corporation

Chamber of Construction Industry

Colombo Stock Exchange

Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Industry

Federation of IT Industry of Sri Lanka

National Intellectual Property Organization

National Chamber of Commerce

National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka

Telecom Regulatory Commission

Travel Agents Association of Sri Lanka




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