Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Diplomatic Community in Mumbai celebrates Sri Lankan Cuisine

The Mumbai - based Consuls General attended a Sri Lankan evening at the newly opened Sri Lanka’s speciality restaurant, ‘Ministry of Crab’. 

 Ministry of Crab, the first Sri Lankan restaurant in Mumbai was opened in February 2019 following its opening in Shanghai and Manila. 

The Sri Lanka Consulate General in Mumbai arranged an evening to promote Sri Lanka tourism through cuisine among city's diplomatic community. Consuls General from 14 countries including Singapore, Germany, France, Switzerland, New Zealand, South Africa, China, Malaysia, etc. media and top industrialists attended the event. 

Addressing the gathering Sri Lankan Consul General Chamari Rodrigo said that Sri Lanka is known for its delicious cuisine. She said that the evening was arranged to offer classic cuisine to the diplomatic community at the Ministry of Crab, a renowned Sri Lankan seafood restaurant which places Sri Lanka on the global culinary map. The Consul General added that Ministry of Crab is the first restaurant in Sri Lanka that started serving famous Sri Lankan lagoon crabs. She said that the crabs are sourced from Sri Lanka and its preparations are based on typical Sri Lankan style to give authentic and exquisite Sri Lankan flavours. ‘I am proud to see a Sri Lankan brand going global’ she added. 

The dignitaries had a different dining experience in an elegant Sri Lankan setting. 

Ministry of Crab is one of Asia’s 50 best restaurants since 2015.



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