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Vesak Celebrations in Mumbai dedicated to the Victims of the Easter Carnage and War heroes

The Sri Lanka Consulate General in Mumbai commemorated the Festival of Vesak on 18th May 2019 at the Consulate Premises with the participation of the Sri Lankan Navy Trainees and the Sri Lankan Community in Mumbai. The Consulate premises were colourfully adorned with Vesak lanterns, oil lamps, and decorations in keeping with the traditions of the festival. 

This year’s celebration was dedicated to remember the victims of Easter carnage and the war heroes and all victims of three decades war.

Welcoming the gathering, the Consul General remarked that the Vesak 2019 make history as Sri Lankans are united to celebrate the Vesak with even more enthusiasm than in previous yearsdespite the security considerations in the country following Easter attack. “Peace loving Sri Lankans representing Christian, Muslim and Buddhist faiths volunteered to decorate the country to make the Vesak celebrations meaningful in the backdrop of Holly Ramadan fasting. It was the first time that the Vesak lanterns, Buddhist flags appeared in big way in the Christian majority areas, Churches and the Muslim majority areas in the country” she further said.

The devotees joined to lit lamps in memory of the victims of the Easter carnage and pay tribute to the fallen war heroes and the victims of three decades of war. Video documentaries on 10th Anniversary of the end of the war and remembering the victims of Easter attack were screened.

Ven. Eruwewa Gunasoma Thero who is currently following his postgraduate studies at the Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi conducted the religious ceremony. Ven. Gunasoma Thero, in his sermon highlighted that the Buddha’s teaching of compassion, tolerance, love and peace are more relevant to the present world to confront the unprecedented challenges.


The event concluded with invoking merits on those who were killed during Easter attack and all members of security forces and civilians who lost their lives during war.



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