Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Embassy of Sri Lanka in Jordan Holds a Community Iftar

Embassy of Sri Lanka in Amman, together with the members of the Sri Lankan community in Jordan, celebrated an Iftar service at the Embassy premises Jordan on 9 June 2018. Sri Lankan expatriates representing different faiths attended the event.

Addressing the gathering, Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Jordan A.L.M Lafeer, briefly explained the significance of Ramadan. He said that the broad thinking behind Ramadan is teaching Muslim brothers and sisters not only self-discipline and self-restraint but also compassion, tolerance and generosity that can be considered as indispensable pillars upon which sustainable inter-religious harmony and reconciliation could be built, fostering the way to a multi-ethnic and multi-religious society for future generations of Sri Lankans.

Sheik Imam Abu Anas was specially invited to conduct the Iftar programme.  The main event concluded with the observance of Iftar – breaking the Ramadan fast with water, dates and shorteats, followed by a community prayer, after which everyone was invited to a sumptuous dinner.

Around 75 members of the Sri Lankan community, Christian clergy, Jordanians and the Embassy staff participated in the Iftar programme.



Embassy of Sri Lanka
10  June 2018


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