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Poson celebrated in Lebanon

A religious programme to celebrate Poson was held at the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Beirut on 23 and 24 June 2018. The programme was organized by the Meera Welfare Society in Lebanon under the patronage of Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Lebanon H.M.G.R.R.K. Wijerathna Mendis.

On 23 June, mid-day dana was offered to Ven. Galigamuwe Gnanadeepa Thero, Founder ofSeela Suwa Arana hospital for monks in Horana, and Ven. Ganekande Chandrarathana Thero at the official residence of the Ambassador. In the evening, Ven. Galigamuwe Gnanadeepa Thero delivered a Dhamma sermon at the official residence to an audience comprising Sri Lankan migrant workers, organizers and the staff of the Embassy.

The Poson programme, which was held at the premises of the Embassy of Sri Lanka on 24 June, included observance of sil, Dhamma sermons, Buddha Puja, alms giving and a Dhammasermon in verse. Around 200 Sri Lankan migrant workers observed sil and more than 1500 Sri Lankans and Lebanese participated in the Poson programme.

Outside the Embassy premises, a dansela had been set up by the Hamra Tharunakela and other donors where rice, cool drinks and ice cream were served to the participants. The Embassy premises had been decorated with Buddhist flags, Poson lanterns, lights and other decorations by the staff of the Embassy and the organizers.

Colombo TV in Sri Lanka telecasted the Poson programme live.



Embassy of Sri Lanka
25 June 2018

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